Friday, June 19, 2009

today's workshop

I guess I am actually liveblogging my workshop!

Here I am squinting at my computer on the roof of the sculpture garden:

On the roof today, Kathleen and Nada brought friends to sample bentonite clay in its wet, drinkable form, and in its yummy, oatmeal cookie form. I also brought the small cache of dirt from Chimayo and explained tierra bendita. Nada and Kathleen both sampled a finger's worth.

The bad news is, my camera works brilliantly indoors but horrible outdoors--my video footage is very washed out.

The good news is, lots of pictures!

After Nada and Kathleen left, I talked with a few visitors to the museum, a mother and daughter pair, and Lynn, the woman who waters and gardens up here.

30 minutes left, but I have a feeling I'm done for the day.

I'm sitting where the mud cookies used to be, then I'll move the dirt tasting stuff into the greenhouse before I leave.

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