Wednesday, June 24, 2009


At last, my cookbook is in press at Lulu! I've ordered 30 of them. Ambitious? I don't know yet. I'll be selling them at Rock Paper Scissors during that show (until July 29) and then on the website after that. I'm not sure what RPS's markup will be, but they are a worthy organization so I encourage you to buy it from them. The cookbook will be in inventory next week or as soon as I get it, and for sale shortly after our show opens.

It's small but sweet: 40 tiny pages with recipes and stories excerpted from my thesis paper. It's a nice way to get some of the thesis paper out in the world, and a little more substantial than the recipe cards in the current installation.

Speaking of which, after like 5 more shopping attempts (I'm not kidding!) I have not found a recipe box that is neither horribly ugly nor outrageously expensive. The expensive part wouldn't bother me as much if all that money didn't always end up buying some sort of awful martha stewart color scheme, etc etc. !!

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