Thursday, July 23, 2009

RPS photos

Photos of Starvation Seeds at RPS.

Video coming someday! next month?

Closing Reception @ RPS tomorrow

If you are in the mood for a much smaller, more relaxed closing event, please come to our closing reception tomorrow evening, 7-9 pm, RPS (address below). Some of us will most likely be there before 7. First Friday had lots of pluses, including FIRE and lots of galleries open to look at. This event will also have pluses, like the debut of Rupa's newest sound sculpture, and lots more to nosh. & drink! Also, I'll be doing a tasting, so prepare yourself for liquid tamales and mud cookies.

I just spent some time yesterday shooting video and stills of the show. Video will take me a while to post but stills should be up today or tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

art business has pictures of our show!

Check out the whole article here, and here is a picture of folks looking at my part of the show (on the wall behind the people is Nick Lally's photo series & date visualization mural).

photo: Alan Bamberger

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The cookbook is for sale! At RPS, it costs $15. That is the only place I am selling it until the show is over, and then I might sell more via etsy. I printed a bunch, so I want to sell those before using Lulu's print on demand option.

mice heart soil; RPS closing reception

today on boing boing, Mark Frauenfelder links to a CDC paper on geophagy I have found useful in my research, as well as a new paper connecting the incorporation of soil with happiness, at least in lab mice.

Interesting interspecies possibilities here!

In other news, First Friday at RPS was fantastic, hundreds of people, but we hope folks we actually know will be able to come back on Friday the 24th (next Friday?!?) for our closing reception. In the works are: a tasting of Starvation Seeds recipes, singing and dancing, and the debut of Rupa's sound installation. Please come! The event has a facebook page if that helps in any way.

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