Wednesday, June 24, 2009

liquid food

Today's event involves either tasting or making liquid food. At last, I am moving my stores of liquid, bagged food out of my freezer! I'm hoping that because today is the last day of the show, there is more foot traffic than usual through the museum. I've noticed that people tend to use the sculpture garden as a chill out space with their kids--last time I was there people were breast feeding, letting their kids run around, etc., which can work well for these performance afternoons.

& I'll have my tripod today! which will maybe help the exposure problems I've been having so far. I wish I had a clever way of putting up a tarp for shade, but I tried it last time and was met with epic failure. I hesitate to use sculptures as anchor points!

btw, last workshop was not over when I posted that--several more people came out, & I think I got some decent video of one of them.

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