Tuesday, March 3, 2009


i've been slacking on posting the rest of the road trip diary. but to offset this, my dissertation is almost done! THAT will be a relief. I gave a lecture in B's class last night about the art I look at in all three chapters. I thought I was going too slow so I sped up, then ended up finishing too soon. good practice for lecturing twice a week next quarter, which I still can't fathom. It helped to watch the two video excerpts. Gave my voice a break. I also really liked using the microphone; i didn't leave the room feeling like i'd been yelling for two hours.

A. alerted me to this practice in Haiti, eating mud cookies: a video linked from huffington post

I'm shifting my project to focus on plumpy nut (working on prototyping some spiffy fused plastic bags), feeding tube food, and mud cookies. experimenting with mud cookies today. filmed plumpy nut yesterday. I should have filmed the friday forum, but I thought FF folk maybe wouldn't be into it. Plus that room sucks and I did not want to capture it in any way...

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