Friday, March 27, 2009

fusing plastic

spent the morning making more plumpy piñon baggies.

I also sealed some that I filled earlier. It worked pretty well.

So far the only problem is that some of the bags "sweat" nut oil. yuck! but, I'm not sure these will be something visitors take away, unless they choose to. I mean, I won't invite them to. So they can be greasy and not bother anyone, I suppose.

I'm going to stop wasting time on grocery store quality bags. Really, only the slightly nicer, smoother bags from stores like target and department stores work well. I've also had mixed results with "matte finish" bags, like from barnes and noble.

I shot some video of the bag process, just for fun, so look for that soon. I'll probably make a separate little plastic fusing video, because the footage doesn't really fit in with my installation video plans.

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