Wednesday, February 18, 2009

scripting short video segments, plexi drawings, griping about jury duty

Yesterday I started scripting short video segments. They'll have a cooking show format, and I'll make three foods that relate to the general themes of my project:

1) Celebrate: Biscochitos (Mexican Wedding Cookies) 10 minutes
2) Starve: Plumpy PiƱon paste 10 minutes
3) Survive: Liquid food for stomach tubes 10 minutes

So far I've written the biscochitos segment and am looking forward to taping it, as I will get to eat more yummy cookies.

I've also been working on the website for the project. My critique group thought a website would be a good idea, and I agree--I'm incorporating a bunch of rephotographed old family pictures. I only know who two of the people in the pictures are (much younger versions of my dad and my grandpa) so I'm making up stories for the rest. The website will be at . Working on it right now, so expect changes within the next few hours.

I made some plexiglass collages from bits and pieces of earlier drawings. Haven't finished or photographed them yet, but I mostly like how they turned out. I was hoping that my mod podge would dry clear, but it doesn't seem to clear up when sandwiched between plexi and transparency film. Maybe eventually. But I like how the clear mod podge brush strokes look on the plexi, and I like how the drawings look layered together.

I only had one meeting scheduled this week: studio visit with B. today at 5. So what happens? I have jury duty. I have a strong feeling I will have to report this afternoon--my number is up--numbers before and after mine have had to report. Even if I don't have to report, my day is still mostly ruined because I had planned to be working in my studio all day prior to B's visit. So even if we do meet, i'll be less prepared. OK, enough complaining about my civic duty...back to the website.

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