Sunday, May 31, 2009

working in the space: blogging documentation

I'm going to start posting documentation of my work in the installation here, as well as pictures and video.

My first encounters with people visiting the show happened last Friday, right after Nada's performance concluded. It was sort of a surprise, because I thought Nada would be performing until 4, and I would be mostly alone upstairs tweaking the installation. But she was done early, and a bunch of people walked through the third floor and the sculpture garden. I spoke with two women, one more extensively than the other, about the liquid food part of the project. everyone knows someone who has had to negotiate a feeding tube, it seems. i would have photographed both women, but the encounter was unexpected. anyway, we talked about food, plants, the plants stuck on the feeding bags, whether or not the stuff in the bags was feeding the plants (which made me think, it would be cool if it were), and how to make your own tube food. I told her about the workshop on Friday, which I'm thinking will be longer than the one hour walk through. Maybe 2-3 hours.

The MAH has a kitchen downstairs with ovens. I might ask them about using the ovens during the opening--warm cookies are the best kind--

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