Sunday, January 17, 2010

chewing on santa fe

Starvation Seeds will be in Santa Fe in May. I'm not sure exactly when yet, but people attending the Society for Cultural Anthropology conference will be contributing a variety of edibles under the banner of a "multispecies meal." Look for my name and for Eben Kirksey, organizer, & see the call for the posted last week.

I'm not sure what I'll make yet. Liquid tamales were very popular at my tasting, but I feel obliged to work with piñon nuts, given our Santa Fe location. Piñon nuts won't be in season then, so I might have to bring some back-up nuts. (Trader Joes imports theirs and offers three or four possible origin locations, I forget where. Here in Australia they mostly come from China, and are almost as expensive as buying "native" seeds in New Mexico.) If anyone has a stash of piñon you're willing to contribute, please let me know. I'll probably end up flying via Albuquerque, as I have to leave directly for London after SCA.

I wonder if Plumpy'nut is on the ground in Haiti. I hope so; mud cookie research indicated that Haitian kids could use some protein even before the earthquake.

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